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What you can do with cyberPOST2 and Zigineeze is only limited by your imagination.

cyberPOST2 is a digital document distribution application that allows the user to design his or her own document templates using popular report writers such as Crystal Reports and Jasper Reports. Templates can also be simple text or HTML files. Through these user-defined templates cyberPOST2 can then dynamically generate personalized documents containing merged data from any relational database and subsequently emails or faxes them to their respective recipients. Documents can be delivered in various formats including HTML, PDF and plain text, and can either be contained in the email body or as an attachment. Click to see sample and try online robot demo.

This bulk email process is supplemented by user-defined filters allowing the user to target a selected audience. For example you can bulk email personalized invitations to a seminar on a newly launched product to all your customers who bought a related product during the last 12 months. See online guide. (947K Pdf)

cyberPOST2 architecture

cyberPOST2 also includes a document robot called Zigineeze that responds to an email request by a recipient. For example in our sample debtor statements application, the recipient can request to instantly receive a copy of any invoice, credit note or receipt in the debtor statement. (You can try this right now.) This provides a document self-service to the customers while relieving you of an unproductive and time consuming job. At the same time, your customer is served much quicker!

Zigineeze can do other jobs for you. It can be made to perform a specific task on receipt of a request by the customer. For example, in our seminar invitation example, the robot can answer a request from our invited guests to reserve their seat and accumulate a list of confirmed guests.

cyberPOST2 has been approved by Sun Microsystems and featured in the Sun Partner Product Directory when it was launched.

Run Anywhere: cyberPOST is written in 100% Java enabling it to run on any operating system supporting the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) including Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix and Solaris.

cyberPOST is a registered trademark of NLA Systems Ltd in Malta and the U.S. Java and all Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.
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