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Point of Sale


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Point of Sale

The Invoicing/Point of Sale Module enables the user to quickly raise and print invoices, cash sales, credit notes, goods returned notes, quotations, and delivery notes.

Item Selection

Selecting the correct stock item has never been easier. The user has the facility to search for items by entering part of the description. Items can then be browsed through in the search results. Bar code reading support provides the quickest and most accurate method to enter items. Once selected, item comes up with related information such as quantities in stock in different locations, its shelf number, and quantities on order.

Sales Ledger and Stock Control data is automatically updated upon posting. Everything is done real-time. An online log records details such as who posted the sale and at what time. A host of analysis reports can later be extracted. One can for example identify the busiest days and times for his or her outlet.


Different types of discounts may be posted. These include Floating Discounts entered as an amount, Percentage Discounts entered as a percentage of invoice value and Automatic Discounts which are retrieved from the customer's record. Optionally, line discounts are also supported.


While posting a sale, the user can choose from which warehouse stock will be deducted. Similarly, while posting a return, the user can specify location to where the item or items will be returned.


Prices can either automatically come up from the stock file or the user can enter a price manually, provided he is authorized to do so. Pricing is highly customizable. In fact no two systems deployed are known to be alike. As an example, one can have special offers where one can give away free items with every given quantity of a particular item. Another example is special discounts for any given combination of items and quantities. One can even define special prices for particular customers on particular items.

Customized Documents

Invoices and cash sales can be printed on plain or pre-printed stationery.


Reminders or memos may be entered per customer. These come up automatically while the customer is being served.


Once an invoice or cash sale is issued, it is wholly stored within a special file for archiving purposes. This unique facility helps the user to trace backdated invoices. The user has the facility to easily search for and re-print a particular invoice that may have been issued several months or years ago. Additionally, through this feature, the user can bring up the full invoice while viewing on-screen debtor statement.


The Invoicing or Point of Sale Module can be tailored to cater for different environments including sales outlets with a high hit-rate as for example wines and spirits or clothes shops. Many setup configurations of this module exist. Some are integrated with our salesman module. Through this method, commission is automatically accumulated for each salesman and performance reports identify the best performers. Integration with our customer orders module automatically brings up items ordered for each customer and keeps track of what has been delivered.


A number of standard reports can be printed or displayed. Some of the standard reports available are listed below: -

- Price Lists
- Sales by Time of Day
- Sales by Category/Group
- Sales of Items by Quantity and/or Value
- Stock Transactions Report
- Bin Cards

Optionally, we can provide an ODBC driver that will connect the system to report writers such as Crystal Reports. Through this, the user can easily compile his or her own special reports. Our services include installation and training of ODBC and other database drivers and Crystal Reports.
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